Any assay with spectrophotometric measurement


At Versatile Biology Lab, we measure any molecule of your choice in samples of blood, plasma, urea, or other material.

Regular measurements with plate reader

We measure all kind of molecules that can be determined with available kit and a plate reader. Examples are ATP, NADPH and many other assays.

We love samples and measurements

If it requires a regular bench in the lab and a plate reader, we are here to take your order. We buy kits or you can send us your kits – the choice is yours.

Fast turnaround time

We give a priority to your project. We work differently and serve you to resolve your project at earliest. We are located in Munich, Germany, and are trained PhD graduates with experience in delivering service to customers.

International Shipments accepted

We accept samples from outside Germany. Feel free to ask for a quote below.

Inna Zaimenko speaks about Versatile Biology Lab

Versatile Biology Lab is a brand of future IZ Entreprises UG company of Dr. Inna Zaimenko. The services are delivered from Munich, Germany. For a shipping address of samples and custom quotation, please fill the form below.


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Your sample measurement partner

We are in …

Post address: c/o HQ an Inna Zaimenko, Feringastr. 6, 85774 Unterföhring Germany

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